International Competition and Exhibition of Abstract Art


We can offer you two forms of participation:

IN-PERSON (offline) and IN_ABSENTIA (online)


Registration / Step by step

An author can submit any number of works to the project. Each art object is assessed as independent. Registration fee is paid for each art object. Before registration, please prepare photos in size from 1 to 20 MB.

Step 1:

Choose how you will participate:


Both kinds of participants have equal rights.

In-person / offline:

 originals and giclees

Remote / online:

 photocopies of your artwork

Step 2: 

Prepare photos of your works from 1 to 20 MB, and
fill out the registration form:


The curatorial department of the Organizing Committee will consider the submitted work and send a confirmation and a link to pay the registration fee (to the e-mail address indicated by the author during registration)

Step 3: 

The author pays the registration fee and after payment sends a receipt or a screenshot of the payment info to info@abstractfestival.ru 


pay system


The cost of participation is posted on the page "Registration fee"




The final confirmation will be sent to the author after the Organizing Committee receives the payment receipt and checks it


Quick links:


1) Registration of artworks (as an exhibitor)

2) Registration of a master class (as a lecturer)

3) Accreditation of media / journalists

4) Audience accreditation

What do authors get?

Exhibition in the museum "New Tretyakov Gallery"

Новая Третьяковка Фестиваль абстракции Абстрактум

New Tretyakov Gallery

Assessment by the world's leading abstractionists

Жюри Фестиваль абстракции

Famous abstractionists

Publication in a full-color catalogue

Каталоги Фестиваль абстракции

Exhibition catalogue

Diplomas of participants and/or winners

Дипломы со списком жюри Фестиваль абстракции

Contains the list of jury members

Abstract Art Fair International

Выставка Фестиваль абстракции Абстрактум

Abstract Art Fair International


Лектории Фестиваль абстракции Абстрактум

Lectures about art

Master classes by leading abstract artists

Мастер-классы Фестиваль абстракции

Master classes and demonstrations

Interviews and filming for the TV 

Интервью съемки Фестиваль абстракции

Interviews and filming for the TV

Registration deadline - until March 20, 2024

12 Days 01 Hours 40 Minutes 03 Seconds