International Festival of Abstraction Art

Dates: March 23-29, 2024

Registration deadline: until March 20, 2024

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Exhibition Address: 
Gallery "Art-Commune" in TGC "Kievskiy"

Moscow, Kievskaya st., 2, TGC "Kievskiy", 4th floor.

International Exhibition-Competition of Abstract Art



1) Abstraction in painting
2) Abstraction in graphics
3) Abstraction in sculpture
4) Abstraction in design
5) Abstraction in fashion
6) Abstraction in textiles
7) Abstraction in arts and crafts
8) Abstraction in photography

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12 Days 01 Hours 34 Minutes 53 Seconds

The theme of the exhibition: 
"Abstract Reality"

Abstraction is a free art that doesn't recognize any dogmas or rules. It retained dynamics, energy, life, but also acquired some elitism. The ability to rise above everyday life, to penetrate the artist's intention, expressed by non-objective painting, is not for everyone, but for the most sensitive and ready for this experience.

Each item is worthy of close attention, the participation of the viewer in its presentation to the world. Abstraction in painting, fashion and design is a surprise, courage, a real flight of fantasy. In addition, visitors will see amazing installations with their movement, ambiguity of interpretation and meaning. They will make the viewer puzzle over the message encoded in them.

We invite you to experience the beauty and musicality of abstract painting. According to the idea of ​​its founders, it's able to create a universal picture of the world order. Russian avant-garde artists (Kazimir Malevich, Vasiliy Kandinskiy, Mikhail Larionov) stood at the origins of abstract art. Their innovative ideas have firmly entered our everyday life, being embodied in architecture, modern design and fashion, and the ideas of urbanism. We invite you not to follow their path, but to pave your own way in the endless ABSTRACT space.

Expert Council:

The Expert Council (jury) includes well-known representatives of the World of Art from Russia and several foreign countries!


More than 50 experts from Russia and several countries of the world take part in the Expert Council of the competition program.


Eurasian Art Union



TGC "Kievskiy", National Union of Abstract Artists of Russia, World Foundation for Arts (Russian branch)

Supported by:

Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National Association of Russian Curators,
NextArt Agency, World Watercolor Union


Абстракция в живописи

Абстракция в живописи

Abstraction in painting:

- Suprematism
- Geometrical abstraction
- Neo-expressionism
- Neo-pop art
- Op-art
- Conceptualism
- Abstractionism

Абстракция в графике

Абстракция в графике

Abstraction in graphics:

- Suprematism
- Geometrical abstraction
- Neo-expressionism
- Op-art
- Conceptualism
- Abstractionismизм

Абстракция в скульптуре

Абстракция в скульптуре

Abstraction in sculpture:

- Suprematist abstraction in sculpture
- Geometric abstraction in sculpture
- Conceptualism in sculpture
- Abstract art in sculpture

Абстракция в дизайне

Абстракция в дизайне

Abstraction in design:

- Environmental design
- Interior design
- Concept in design
- Book design

Абстракция в текстиле

Абстракция в текстиле

Abstraction in textiles:

- Batik
- Textile plane
- Textile volume
- Prints

Абстракция в декоративно-прикладном искусстве

Абстракция в декоративно-прикладном искусстве

Abstraction in arts and crafts:

- Plane

- Volume

- Murals

- Group composition

Абстракция в фотографии

Абстракция в фотографии

Abstraction in photography:

- Micro-world

- Macro world

- Idea

- Conceptualism

Абстракция в моде

Абстракция в моде

Abstraction in fashion:

- Concept in clothes

- Concept in sketch

Абстракция в цифровом искусстве

Абстракция в цифровом искусстве

Abstraction in digital art:

- Photo manipulation

- Animation

- Digital painting / graphics

Wassily Kandinsky

" A form, even if it is completely abstract and similar to a geometric one, has its own internal sound, it is a spiritual being with qualities that are identical with its form."

Vasiliy Kandinsky

from the book "Of the spiritual in art"