International Competition and Exhibition of Abstract Art

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International Competition and Exhibition of Abstract Art


Exhibition dates: April 27 - May 8, 2022

Registration deadline: until April 18, 2022

Forms of participation: ONLINE and OFFLINE


The exhibition of abstraction will be held in the Exhibition Halls of the Union of Artists of Russia in the Western Wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery(Moscow, Krymsky Val str., 10)

The project is carried out within the framework of the "Territory of Creativity" program

Exhibition Sections

1) Abstraction in painting
2) Abstraction in graphics
3) Abstraction in sculpture
4) Installationism
5) Abstraction in design
6) Abstraction in fashion
7) Abstraction in textiles
8) Abstraction in arts and crafts
9) Abstraction in photography

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We offer you to abstract and dive into a world of vivid experiences and new emotions. We offer you to experience the beauty and musicality of abstract art. According its founders it’s the only one is able to create a universal picture of the world order. We invite you become the innovators of the XXI century and express your conception of art, as brave as it was in the twentieth century when the first avant-garde artists established new vision in arts ( Kazimir Malevich, Vassily Kandinsky and Mikhail Larionov). Their art opened a new epoch in culture –establishing in our everyday life, finding expression in architecture, fashion, design and modern ideas of urbanism.
Evidently it’s free art not obeying any dogma and rules. It managed to serve its dynamism, energy, life, but achieved a certain elitarist status. Ability to rise above the ordinary level of consciousness, to penetrate the artist's intention, expressed by non-objective painting is a challenge not for a crowd, but the special persons – the most sensitive and internally ready for this experience.
Our dive will take place in several levels: 2d works (painting), 3d objects (fashion design) and be called the "fourth dimension" - installations with their movement, the ambiguity of the interpretation and message…

Абстракция в живописи

- Супрематизм

- Геометрическая абстракция

- Неоэкспрессионизм

- Нео-поп-арт

- Оп-арт

- Концептуализм

- Абстракционизм

Абстракция в графике

- Супрематизм

- Геометрическая абстракция

- Неоэкспрессионизм

- Оп-арт

- Концептуализм

- Абстракционизм


Абстракция в скульптуре

- Супрематизм

- Геометрическая абстракция

- Неоэкспрессионизм

- Концептуализм

- Абстракционизм

Абстракция в дизайне


- Интерьер

- Концепция 

Абстракция в текстиле

- батик

- текстильная плоскость

- текстильный объем 

- принты

Абстракция в декоративно-прикладном искусстве


- объем

- росписи

- групповая композиция 

Абстракция в фотографии

- Микро-мир 

- Макро-мир 

- Идея

- Концептуализм 

- Фотоманипуляции

Абстракция в моде

- Концепция в одежде 

- Концепция в эскизе

Абстракция — бездарность или философия?

Картина за $200 млн | Как передать впечатление?

Registration deadline: until April 18, 2022

Until the end of registration is left: 

95 Days 12 Hours 53 Minutes 26 Seconds

What the author gets:

Exhibition in the museum
"New Tretyakov Gallery"

Новая Третьяковка Фестиваль абстракции Абстрактум

Новая Третьяковка на Крымском Валу

Appreciation by the world's leading abstractionists

Жюри Фестиваль абстракции

Известные абстракционисты мира

Publication in an international edition, catalog

Каталоги Фестиваль абстракции

Публикация в каталоге выставки

Diplomas of participants and winners

Дипломы со списком жюри Фестиваль абстракции

Дипломы со списком жюри

Abstract Art Fair International

Выставка Фестиваль абстракции Абстрактум

Ярмарка абстрактного искусства


Лектории Фестиваль абстракции Абстрактум

Лекции об искусстве

Master classes by leading abstract artists

Мастер-классы Фестиваль абстракции

Мастер-классы и демо-классы

Interviews and filming of TV channels

Интервью съемки Фестиваль абстракции

Репортажи и интервью телеканалов

Sections of the exhibition:

Watch the Video

Abstract art of the 1930-1950s. Lecture of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts